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Luwero Industries Limited is involved in manufacturing and engineering to support the UPDF requirements for equipment, metal fabrication, portable water, carpentry products among others.
Luwero Industries Limited is a subsidiary of the National Enterprise Corporation (NEC).

The National Enterprise Corporation (NEC) is a State Corporation, established in 1989 by an Act of Parliament of Uganda soon after the NRA/NRM liberation war as the commercial arm of the UPDF with the view of redeploying and providing gainful employment to soldiers who were involved in the war and produce goods and services for the army, with profit being used to improve the welfare of soldiers.
In 1995, Parliament passed a new statute, which mandated NEC to produce goods and services for the Defense Forces own consumption. This was done in conformity with the constitutional requirement of creating a "productive Forces".

Luwero Industries Limited capabilities are extremely important from a National Security perspective and to ensure appropriate sovereignty, Uganda needs such capacity for Self Reliance especially in terms of equipment and for Research and Development into new capabilities to guard against existing threats and address emerging ones. Luwero Industries Limited also creates jobs by providing employment and it is against this background that it was set up.

  • We stand for, Quality Services, Zero tolerance to defects, Integrity, Fairness and Best Customer Care.
  • To develop and manufacture products required for the UPDF.
  • To strengthen Uganda’s engineering industry by upgrading technology and skills.
  • To design and manufacture machinery equipment for small scale industries.
  • To manufacture industrial replacement parts for the local industries.
  • To work with Defence in its modernization by training their personnel in both light and heavy vehicle mechanics and UPDF Hardware Repairs.
  • To Research and improve on the local manufacturing capability of Uganda.